Updating from version 1.1.0 to version 1.2.0

Updated on September 18, 2022

Some major changes were made in this update, including a GridBuilder2Manager class, and seperating the building data from the SelectObject button into two seperate classes, Building and PickObjectBtn. Please follow the below steps to insure Grid Builder 2 is set up correctly.

1. First of all in any scene you currently use Grid Builder 2 you will need a GridBuilder2Manager class. This can be found under /Prefabs or you can simply add it as a component on an empty gameobject.

2. Assign all the scenes Grid Builder 2 components into the manager object. This is all you need to do for the GridBuilder2Manager, and should improve startup performance going forward.

3. Building data is now kept seperate from the UI. Previously building data was stored on the SelectObject class which sat on a button and is now stored on the prefab itself, see below. On each of your buildable objects, add a Building script to it.

4. You can then customise the data for your building.

5. You may get an error when updating this package as SelectObject no longer exists in this package, and is replaced with PickObjectBtn.. Replace the buttons you did have with the PickObjectBtn from /Prefabs and drop your Building prefab object onto it.

6. You should be all good to go.

A note on how this impacts the package –

You now have free control on how to implement building on the grid. As gridSelector.SelectedGameObjectToPlace only takes a Building object for previewing you can use any method or way of giving that Building class to it, whether it be with a PickObjectBtn button or by automatically setting it via a tutorial. The new system opens a whole lot of options on how you can set objects for placement and cleanly seperates data from UI.

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