Grid Builder 2

Grid Builder 2 expands on Grid Builder as a base grid system for the foundation of many game types. New features include placing objects larger than one cell, saving and loading, preconfigiured grids, rotation, moving, selecting and a larger array of tools and types for the grid. There are many customisation options to choose from such as grid size, cell size, type of grid, blocked cell radius, placement feedback and much more. This system is designed in such a way that it will fit in with any game style using prefabs, materials and textures. Many game genres use grid systems such as tower defence, strategy, real-time strategy, simulation, construction, puzzle and many more.
  • Create and design your grid and layout with additional grid tools and types
  • Placing, removing and moving existing objects
  • Choose how many cells your placed objects will take up, up to 5×5 cells
  • Saving and loading capabilities
  • Developers can preconfigure a grid to load objects on start for users
  • Objects can now be placed on a timer to build after a delay
  • Objects can be visually highlighted based on how many cells it takes up
  • Objects can be selected and moved or drag moved
  • Many different types of placement logic like drag and drop, drag build and place one
  • Layer grids to create dynamic effects
  • Move objects on grid points instead of the center of cells
  • Auto cell blocking makes cells unplaceable
  • Hide and show cells when placing and removing
  • Many customisation options
  • Full documentation of all components available at GolemiteGames
  • Thouroughly commented code
  • Additional methods to use should you want to get creative