Updated on July 27, 2022

Under the customise drop-down there are a few options to change how the timer functions.

Count method

An option to count down or up. If you choose to count down, the time on time start is the time you set in Set time. If you choose to count up, the time will start at 0 and end at the time you set in Set time.

Timer speed

A simple slider to control how fast the timer runs. Default is 1. If you want to half the speed, so 4 seconds will take 8 seconds, use a value of 0.5. If you want it to run double as quick, so 4 seconds will actually take 2 seconds, use a value of 2.

Note – This is a paid feature.

Start at runtime

If checked, it will run the timer when pressing play. If unchecked, the timer will not run unless you call the public method StartTimer(). See under scripting for details.

Use as clock

This will use your system time to count from, it will also automatically change your count method to count up, and disable the display of days and milliseconds. You can still count down if you want to. Please note, this option is designed to be used with text objects and will not work with sliders or dials.

Note – This is a paid feature.

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