General Settings

Updated on July 27, 2022

Here you can adjust the basic settings of the Object Placer

Placement type

There a currently four different options of how you would like to place objects.

Place multiple

This mode allows for clicking multiple times to place your preview object. It will only deselect when you right click or hit escape.

Place One

This mode will place one instance of the object and then deselect the preview object.

Drag build

Drag build allows you to hold down the left mouse click while moving to build contiuously as long as the cells are free.

Drag and drop

This method requires the use of a SelectObjectBtn and requires you click to and hold from the button to the grid. If it is placed in an invalid space, the preview object will be deselected.

Placement height

Add a custom offset on the Y axis to the objects placed on the grid. Game dependant, you may wish for your objects to hover above the grid, or sit slightly below the grid.


Overwrite mode enables you to build objects over other objects, even if they collide with each other. It will first remove the current object or objects occupying the cells, and then place its own instance down.

To use this feature you cannot use the placement mode Drag Build due to limitations with removing the objects before its built. You will also need an Object Remover active in the scene.

Hide cells under placed obj

This will hide cells under placed objects. This will also reshow them when the object is removed.

This will only work for Single Cell and Checkered grid types.

This is also limited to the grid you are placing on, and stacking grids are not affected.

In this example, there are two stacked grids, with one set to Visual Only with a brown material just below the Checkered grid. With this option enabled, after placing the objects down, it gets rid of the ‘grass’ to reveal the soil underneath.

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