Grid Builder

Grid Builder creates a base grid system for the foundation of many game types. It includes snapping to the grid cells, visual feedback, placing objects, removing objects and blocking unusable cells. There are many customisation options to choose from such as grid size, cell size, type of grid, blocked cell radius, placement feedback and much more. This system is designed in such a way that it will fit in with any game style using prefabs, materials and textures. Many game genres use grid systems such as tower defence, strategy, real-time strategy, simulation, construction, puzzle and many more.
  • Grid width, height and cell size
  • Single-cell, chequered and simple grid types
  • Visual customisation and material options
  • Block unwanted cells with auto cell block
  • Place objects, click or drag
  • Remove objects
  • Placement feedback
  • Smooth moving
  • Invalid feedback
  • Comes with 7 main c# scripts
  • Most code is commented
  • Can expand with additional features
  • 2 Bonus scripts for simple RTS camera movement and getting the prefab image