Updated on July 27, 2022

Display format

Under the display drop-down, there are options to not display certain parameters such as days or milliseconds. Depending on how you want to view the timer, you can select any combination of days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds, however, the other display options have some limitations.

Please note, if you are hiding something that is set, it will still be calculated, just not displayed. For example, if you have 3 days set in the Set time section, and choose not to display days, it will still calculate them but not show them. Visa versa if you do not set days or hours, and choose to display them, they will just appear as ‘0’s.

Note – Free version does not support days and milliseconds display.

Remove leading zero’s

By default, the display will be set with leading zeros, for example; 01:07:147. In some situations such as counting down with only seconds for a countdown to start the level, you would probably only want to display a single digit for the seconds. Check this box and check only Seconds Display and you will have a single-digit countdown.

Note – This is a paid feature

Percentage display

This option simply converts your time remaining into a percentage of the Set time. So for example, if you set 10 seconds counting down, it will display 50% when at 5 seconds.

Note – This is a paid feature

Seperator type

This is an option to change the Separator. By default, it is set to use ‘:’ in between the selected display parameters like so 0:00:00:00:000. You can choose from ‘.’ or ‘/’ resulting in or 0/00/00/00/000.

Note – This is a paid feature

Output type

The output type is asking how you would like to display your time. There are currently 5 options available (None, standard text, text mesh pro text, slider, and dial). Choose one from the drop-down menu and then simply drag the object you would like to use for display making sure it matches the required Class Type.


Will not use an output type, meaning you can still use this timer to count in the background, and then execute functions on timer start or end.

Text and TextMeshPro

Placing a Text or TextMeshPro object here will simply display the set time using the selected display options.


This option will take any slider with the component Slider on it. It uses the Set time parameters to set the slider.maxValue and slider.value to iterate the remaining time.


This option requires an object with an Image component, or use one of those provided in the Sprites folder. Make sure the mode of the Image component is set to ‘Filled’ and the fill amount to 1. This uses some Lerping to work out how much of the dial should show.

There are prefabs of all of these objects ready to just drag and drop into the project and customise. The dials use white sprites so you can easily manage colours.

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